When what you say isn’t enough…what’s left to do?

I offer to bet that most every person alive has heard or thought at one time or another, “Why don’t they just listen to what I’m saying?”  Ironically, more often than not, many of us have been identified as the “they” spoken of.

When it seems that words aren’t being heard, it is as though you’ve helplessly expended all your energy, resulting in what we consider to be wasted time. Some of those moments’ drive emotional levels of hurt, stress, pain and, at times, a feeling of being unappreciated. After all, we only want to be heard and for others to know that we are vesting in their best interest and have absolutely no intentions of steering them on the wrong path.  Additionally, we unconsciously convince ourselves that we have the answer for others based on our experiences, education, relationship to them, age, and, sometimes even ethnicity.

Sadly, in the midst of the many words spoken and emotional upheavals, peace gets disturbed, relationships become ruined, and respect becomes sacrificed.

What can be done to get a point across to someone without having negative repercussions and creating turmoil?  Dr. Owen Watson attempts to answer that question through his new release fictional novel, grounded in real-life circumstances, Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say.

Well-acquainted with the struggles of being heard, Dr. Watson challenges you, the reader, to know when to be silent and allow God to do the speaking for you.  Being silent provides you the opportunity of bracing yourself for how and who He chooses to use in getting His better message delivered to that someone in your life, maybe even you.

Oftentimes we like to credit ourselves for His work.  Each time we do, we distort and create a distance between His will and our want.

In helping others maintain peace, stable relationships, and ongoing respect, Dr. Watson exposes the significance of…

  • being silent; listening
  • comprehending; communicating
  • appreciating; forgiving

Misleading presumptions are key factors that result in responses of “missed” communication, ultimately damaging relationships.  For us to gain wisdom and understanding, we each must be willing to empty ourselves of devalued responses based on presumptions.  This can only be done when we come to realize and accept communications of love and truth to operate on our behalf, thus, we become as Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say.

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