Words to Ponder Radio Show

Words to Ponder Radio Show

Join hostess Mrs. Florenza Lee and guest co-host Dr. Owen Watson on “Words to Ponder” radio show, broadcasting from Blog Talk Radio. You will be encouraged!

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Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day

Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day

Can cancer be defeated?

That is a question many ponder for a hopeful answer. Although it has been an ongoing battle throughout centuries, research is tirelessly pressing forward to eradicate cancer altogether with a cure on the verge of being discovered. However, in the meantime, families and friends seek to continually provide some form of encouragement to those who have fallen victim to various forms of cancer. Nothing can soothe the soul and uplift a person’s spirit as well as affirmative words of support.

To assist in comforting victims and loved ones affected by cancer, Dr. Watson seeks to provide a daily dose of inspiration through his gift of composing poetry in his latest book, Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day. From talking with many victims and loved ones affected by cancer over many years, he realized in most cases a simple word of encouragement speaks volumes in times of need. The need oftentimes occurs during moments of being alone whether by choice or happenstance. To address such a need when it arises, Dr. Watson suggests starting each morning by reading an encouraging poem to positively condition the mind, soul, and spirit in preparation for whatever the day brings.

Not only is Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day written to inspire, it will also monetarily support efforts against cancer with 50% of the proceeds from each copy sold being donated to The American Cancer Society and various other cancer research and awareness organizations. Let’s join the fight together for a better tomorrow by ultimately eradicating all forms of cancer worldwide and defeating cancer with one poem a day.

Available to purchase via Amazon NOW!

Pre-ordered autographed paperbacks may also be purchased directly from Dr. Watson:

$12/paperback plus $3 to cover packaging and shipping ($15 total).

Payment options:

1) Mail check or money order: Owen Watson, P.O. Box 14417, Newport News, VA 23608
2) PAYPAL: paypal.me/authorowenwatson
3) VENMO: @Owen-Watson-6

Book Talk with Dr. Owen Watson

DR. OWEN WATSON – New Release

It’s finally here, “PO’ MAN AIN’T GOT NOT MUCH SAY!” Get a glimpse into the origin and author’s purpose of this book. It is a thrilling read that is sure to keep your attention as well as spike your inquisitiveness. You will laugh! You will cry! You will learn! You will believe! You will finally understand just why po’ man ain’t got not much say!

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Book Talk with MSgt Seneca Linder


How many times have you ever thought to yourself, “…these youth today?” Surely it has been said or thought on numerous occasions by most Americans. Well, today’s interview explores an alternative program that’s making a positively huge impact in the lives of youth who are simply in need of mentorship. Master Sergeant Linder, a 21-year Air Force veteran, delves into a discussion of his volunteering and highlights of the successful “South Texas Teen Boot Camp” program.

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