About the Author, His Books, and His Projects

About the Author

Dr. Owen Watson retired from the U.S. Navy in July 2017 after completing 29 years of faithful service.  He is married to Dr. Ramona and together they have two children, Aubrian and Audrianna.

Dr. Watson holds several degrees: an Associates in Criminal Justice Administration; a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice; a Masters of Business Administration in Criminal Law; and, a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.  He is a minister, motivational speaker, author, community volunteer, video host, and phila

Dr. Watson’s philosophy for living an abundant life is to always be willing to turn the page of your current situation as a step toward getting where you wish to be.

In his downtime, he enjoys family vacations and watching professional wrestling.  

Books by Owen Watson


Dr. Watson is the author of a non-fiction book titled, “What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes,” which was released in November 2015. The book serves as a Christian faith-based inspirational which is driven by his life experiences from childhood to adulthood. The intent of the book is to grasp the attention of the reader to ignite hope in the face of dire circumstances. The book does so by providing snippets of common life issues along with recognition of the positives and end of chapter tie-in inspirations. Furthermore, the book finishes the final two chapters by presenting the author’s personal poems and philosophical statements as pieces to encourage.


Dr. Watson is the author of a fictional novel titled, “Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say,” released April 9, 2019. The novel follows the life journey of Mr. Silas Riverton from 1940 to present day. Growing up in the staunchness of church life, Silas subconsciously developed misleading presumptions and false assumptions about others, life, and himself.
One day, upon hearing the sermon on the beatitudes and the mentioning of “the poor in spirit shall inherit the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:1-12), Silas became curious and set out to search for the answer of who are the “poor in spirit” and what does it mean to “inherit the kingdom of heaven.”

This journey will take him on whirlwind of events that ultimately presents him with an ultimatum of accepting truth, disregarding faith altogether, or continuing a course of self-destruction. 

Dr. Watson is the author of a non-fiction poetry book entitled “Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day,” released June 12, 2019. The book contains daily inspirational poems as a dedication to those who have and are battling various forms of cancer. Forty-five percent of the proceeds will be evenly distributed among several cancer research and awareness organizations.

The purpose of this book is to encourage everyone who has been affected by cancer in some form or another, and to increase monetary support that is needed to find a cure for defeating and ultimately eradicating all cancers.

If you have no intent for improving your life, Dr. Watson’s latest book, “Betting on Me: Revelatory Concepts for Success,” is NOT for you.  In this upcoming
release, Dr. Watson invites readers into a reality where they control success.  This book provides answers to those questions we all so often ponder on:

Can one’s purpose in life truly be discovered?

How can anyone win in life when the odds seem stacked against them?

How does one know when they have found their purpose?

How is faith factored into living your most successful life?

Is your faith the same as your belief?

Are you walking by faith or fate?

By the end of Betting on Me…, you’ll understand why you are a winner, how to achieve and balance physical, spiritual, financial, and life successes, and how to use the power within responsibly, wisely, and for a grander purpose that could very well impact everyone in your world.

“Betting on Me: Revelatory Concepts for Success” – due for release in September 2020.


Believing that every American citizen should have a place to rest their heads, Dr. Watson has been a huge proponent of eradicating homelessness. He continues to write for and donate proceeds towards the cause to various homeless shelter organizations as well as cancer research centers. He regards his reason for having a heart of compassion and philanthropy as originating from years of volunteer service with disadvantage youth, homeless individuals and families, and having friends and family members suffer as victims of cancer. Dr. Watson considers Deuteronomy 15:1-11 as his inspiration, which speaks of taking care the poor – those who are lacking a need of hope, shelter, and healing.